About us

DPIU’ meets the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises. We cover everything, from the smallest construction detail to the most elaborate of booths, from sale to leasing of structures through the creation of the entire company imagine. Over the years, our experience has integrated, grown richer and developed through multiple projects devised by our technical staff or by external architects who entrusted us with their carrying out.

DPIU’ systems are extremely versatile and modular, and therefore can easily be adapted to the most exacting of projects. The best selection in systems, reliability and quality of each individual detail will allow you to visually convey anything you wish. 

Our services:

Personalized installations

Modular installations

Technical and technological installations

Fair booths and equipment

Indoor/outdoor ad panels

Store displays


Leasing of audio/video and light systems

LED large screens

Stages and stands

Leasing of furniture for fairs/design furniture

Design and manufacturing of graphic elements

Print on any material and surface

Rigid and shaped supports and prints for communication

Vehicle decoration - Posters

Personalized displays – Advertising signs

Brochure and info sheets preparation and print

Personalized ads and gadgets

Organization and management of advertising resources

Personalized gadgets and merchandising

Planning of promotional activities


Research and planning of concept, design, prototype presentation, furniture and light and technical systems.  

All of this is at the basis of every DPIU project.